Travis Moore - Head Coach & co-Owner

Travis Moore was born and raised in Central Texas and has always had a passion for helping others. Before discovering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he was a NASM personal trainer and helped others achieve their personal fitness goals.

Travis has an Associate Degree in General Studies and a Crossfit Level one certification, but once he discovered BJJ almost ten years ago he got the bug and trained and competed ever since; dedicating his life to the art.

Travis also has 7 mma fights, and an amateur title, obtaining 4 first round submissions in his career! He has been a Black Belt in BJJ since 2015, and since then has continued to be on a tear on the competition scene.

He works well with both beginners and experts and looks forward to helping you obtain your goals.

Some recent accomplishments include:
 - 2016 FTW PRO 3 Blackbelt Submission of the Night
 - 2016 AGF Blackbelt Absolute champion
 - 2016 AGF Absolute Nogi Champion
 - 2016 Onnit Invitational Superfight Winner (Streamed on flograppling)
 - 2015 IBJJF San Antonio Blackbelt Heavyweight Bronze
 - 2015 Grappling Games Blackbelt Absolute champion
 - SCC Welterweight Champion